Why do I create?

All my life I wanted to be connected, to be connected to the outside world, to people, to a community. For a person with deep feelings, the moment when a relationship is created by sharing valuable thoughts is quite magical. It’s like the meeting of two bubbles, they merge at one point for a few seeming moments and suddenly… POP!

I look for these connections through my paintings, I want to capture those fleeting moments when our most fearful thoughts find understanding. I am looking for an inherent truth hidden beneath the surface, which we can perhaps find together, in communication with each other.

What are my pictures about? About dreams? Maybe surreal images? Let me answer in the words of Frida Kahlo: …I paint my reality.

About me

Once upon a time there was a little girl, she only had a few strands of hair, she sat in a garden in New Delhi and just painted, and painted, and painted…

I spent almost the first three years of my life in India, I often think that these three years were the most conscious and at the same time the most intuitive period of my life, since my soul was not yet touched by the expectations and limitations imposed by the outside world. I could create freely, without questioning myself, under the spell of India’s boundless color world.

When I returned home to Hungary, however, I was also broken by the institution of the school, I had to put on the invisible uniform and they convinced me that the color red does not match pink…

Many years passed without painting or colors, until I finally grew up, got married and an unexpected turn of events took me to Bratislava. A new country, a new city, a new little garden, and I have a brush in my hand again and I just paint, and paint, and paint… I painted in Bratislava until an exhibition of my first works took place. I now live and paint in Hungary again. It makes me happy that painting is a part of my everyday life and I hope that I can also give through my paintings. A thought, a feeling or the belief that red goes well with pink…

Thank you for your interest!

Eva Hildebrand